Austin Community College Summer Classes 2023

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Accomplish More This Summer

Earn college credits online or on campus at Austin Community College. With shorter, smaller classes and faster-paced learning, you can stay on track and still enjoy your summer.

ACC’s 5-, 9-, or 10-week courses can help you focus on one or two subjects, ease your course load for next semester, and even graduate earlier! Financial aid, student support services, free tutoring, and convenient locations make it easy to fit credits into your summer plans.

Summer Classes at ACC

Browse unique summer courses offered online and across all ACC campuses. With so many opportunities to explore, this summer is also the perfect time to try something new!

How to Register for the 2023 Summer Semester

Whether you’re new to ACC or a returning student, registering for summer classes at ACC is easy and convenient.

April 3 – Current and former student registration starts
April 17 – New student registration starts
May 29 – Tuition deadlines begin
May 30 – 10wk, 9wk & 1st 5wk classes start
July 3 – 2nd 5wk classes start

New to ACC (including university students)

You’ll need to apply before registering, but the steps are simple and your application is 100% free, no fees!

You will need:

  • Your high school AND college transcripts
  • Test scores or exemptions
  • Residency form
  • Meningitis immunization proof or waiver

Current and Former ACC Students

No need to reapply! Your summer registration starts April 3, 2023.

Do these steps as soon as possible:

  • Check your MyACC account for any holds.
  • Submit a new residency form if you’ve been gone a year or longer.
  • Double-check and update any information.
  • Register for classes ASAP.

Summer 2023 Registration FAQs

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Can I receive financial aid for summer courses?

Yes, full financial aid benefits can be applied during the summer semesters. Grants from your FAFSA application, scholarships, and federal aid are all available and may be used to help pay for your summer semester.

Are there fewer classes available during the summer?

With over 100 unique program areas offering a variety of flexible summer classes, ACC provides the same diverse course offerings for any student looking to get ahead and learn something new this summer. Visit ACC’s Summer Course Schedule to get a better idea of what classes you can take.

Can I take summer classes at ACC if I am enrolled in a different college/university?

Yes! In fact, taking summer classes at a community college is one of the best ways to get ahead on your degree plan, catch up with short and flexible courses, and accomplish more than ever during the fun summer months. Be sure to complete the application process if you’ve never attended ACC before.

Will my ACC credits transfer to my university?

Most courses easily transfer to the top universities across Texas, but credit transfer will vary by university. Learn more about ACC’s No. 1 University Transfer program and how to plan your transfer with course equivalencies broken down by college.

What is the difference between summer classes and classes during the fall or spring?

Flexible course formats are a major plus for summer classes, with 5-, 9-, or 10-week courses that fit into your summer schedule. These classes are quicker and more efficient than longer courses in the spring or fall, while offering the same valuable credit hours and opportunities for hands-on learning that set ACC apart.

Why should I take summer classes?

Summer classes provide the biggest benefit to students wanting to get ahead of their degree plan, catch up on necessary courses, and even graduate earlier. Flexible course formats ensure that you can accomplish more this summer while still enjoying the break between your spring and fall semesters.

Will these classes last for the entire summer?

ACC’s summer semester allows you to schedule classes at your own pace by providing 5-, 9-, and 10-week options that ensure you can accomplish more while making time to enjoy the summer break.

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